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Emerson Quotation About Having Made “Acquaintance with the Sea” in Rockport, MA in 1857

Quotation Waves

When I saw this Emerson quotation on the wall at the Emerson Inn I wrote it down because I too was feeling the restorative power of the sea for the first time in a very long time.  The quotation led me to read the Heart of Emerson’s Journals and a seed was planted for my 2012 calendar.  The photograph in this post and the quotation below were included on the inside of the 2012 back cover.

Written by Ralph Waldo Emerson after his visit to Rockport, MA in 1857

“Returned from Pigeon Cove, where we have made acquaintance with the sea, for seven days. ‘Tis a noble friendly power, and seemed to say to me, ‘Why so late and slow to come to me? Am I not here always thy proper summer home? Is not my voice thy needful music: my breath, thy healthful climate in the heats; my touch, thy cure? Was ever building like my terraces: was ever couch so magnificent as mine? Lie down on my warm ledges and learn that a very little hut is all you need. I have made thy architecture superfluous, and it is paltry beside mine.’ …And behold the sea, the opaline, plentifold and strong, yet beautiful as the rose or rainbow, full of food, nourisher of men, purger  of the world, creating a sweet climate, and, in its unchangeable ebb and flow, and in its beauty at a few furlongs, giving a hint of that which changes not, and is perfect.”

R. W. Emerson from The Heart of Emerson’s Journals


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