Photographs, Quotations & Thoughts

A = Apple : One of my photographs and a Related Quotation I Like + Thing #5

One of My Peruvian APPLE Cactus Blossoms 2008

“I’m not smart, but I like to observe. Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”       found on

Bernard M. Baruch quotes (American Economist and adviser to US presidents, 1870-1965)

As a way to organize (and we who work in libraries love to organize information) how I present photographs I’ve taken and quotations I like, I’ve decided to start by going through the alphabet.

I also thought the quotation I picked related to the 23cpd Reflection assignment.  It’s one thing to learn about and try new tools.  It’s something completely different to take time to reflect on why I’m doing this, what it says about me and the numerous other questions.  But as I believe the Baruch quotation so aptly illustrates, the ones willing to take time to ask meaningful questions and then integrate what they’ve learned are the ones more likely to achieve clarity and then make valuable contributions in their fields rather than just barely keeping up and feeling like hamsters running on wheels in their cages.

As for me, it’s very obvious that I’m unwilling to bite off too much at a time.  I have appreciated reading how other 23cpders have also had resistance to using twitter and how some have stuck their toes in and found how to make it work for them.  At least I’m more open to looking into it at a later date now.  Maybe when the course is over as a way to keep in contact with other like minded individuals, I’ll check it out.


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