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23cpd Thing #4

I made an executive decision and decided not to do Twitter and Pushnote at this time. There is definitely a limit to how many online accounts I want to contribute to and keep up with.  Unlike some, any time I devote to committees or professional development is done on my own time because the number of hours that I’m allowed to work at my library job are restricted and I believe the hours I’m there are best spent serving my patrons.

I am glad to finally understand and start using RSS with some sites I’ve recently become aware of.


23cpd thing 3

In doing a Google search for myself as part of 23cpd thing #3, I found that the top few hits on the page were indeed for me and was also reminded that there are a number of others with my same combined first and last name.  I’ve already gone in and added my middle initial to the title of my webpage, this blog and my LinkedIn listing to differentiate myself.

I was especially happy to see that my photography website now comes up first for a Kathleen Shepler search because it used to not even come up on the first page.  However, I also noticed that the pages connected to my professional day job no longer come up on the first page and I’m not sure why.  The only other listing was a old posting on the MLGSCA Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona blog about an award I won.
As for whether the pages that came up were ones I’d be comfortable having someone see if they were looking for information about me.  Yes.  That’s probably because long ago a wise teacher of mine suggested we might want to consider living our lives so that we’d be comfortable seeing anything we’d done on the front page of the newspaper.  However, as LinkedIn constantly reminds its users, I keep reminding myself to be careful about what type of specific contact and identifying information I post online.

23cpd Blogs I’ve Looked At Tonight

Squeezed in time to look at three of my fellow 23cpder’s blogs this evening as part of Thing #1.   Found I was drawn by the use of certain words in the blog titles as I quickly scanned the list of participant blogs.

  • Climbing the Stacks, because I like climbing things. Turns out the author wants to be a medical librarian.
  • Fiction&Fotos because the author and I both are including photography as a focus in our blog.

Still on cpd23 thing #1

Having happily stumbled upon cpd23 ( see link in the Blogroll near bottom to find what it is if you want to ) after it started, I’m still catching up with the assignments.  It seemed like a good excuse to learn about things I’d been wanting to learn and no longer wanted to be clueless about.

As for what caught my eye in the 23 things, here’s a run down.

  • Have or already have used: LinkedIn, Dropbox and screen capture
  • Have heard about but haven’t used:  Evernote,  Google Calendar & Google Docs and Jing
  • Have heard of but am clueless which isn’t a good thing to be for someone that works in a library these days: RSS feeds, Wikis and podcasts (making and following them)
  • Never even heard of: Pushnote, LATNetwork, CILIP Communities, Zotero, Mendeley, citeulike, Prezi , data visualisation, Slideshare
  • Haven’t chosen to get involved in these and will only consider later for business: Facebook and Twitter
  • Librarianship training options of interest will be good to look into because I didn’t finish my MLS
  • Volunteering to get experience is something I can recommend because of the three volunteer positions I had to get experience before I applied for an MLS program.  Two of them turned into paid positions and I’m still at one of them over twenty years later.
  • However it’s way past time to update my résumé just in case, so the section on identifying your strengths, how to capitalise on your interests, how to write something eye catching that meets job specs will be a needed prod.