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Another Favorite Photograph and Quotation from my 2012 Calendar Plus an Apology


Apologies for the commercial nature of most of these early posts.  Since calls to the technical support staff at Earthlink were fruitless and they haven’t gotten back to me as they said they would, I’ll be creating an entirely new website eventually.  However, until I make that happen, this blog is my online means of communicating about my calendar and sharing images I took in Rockport, MA and any other new photographs.

Here’s the quotation that is paired with the Fence image in the calendar.

“I would have my book read as I have read my favorite books, …[with] a friendly and agreeable influence stealing like the scent of a flower, or the sight of a new landscape on a traveler.“     R. W. Emerson  Oct 9, 1841


Photograph and Quotation from my 2012 Photo Calendar

“ I am sure of this, that by going much along
a man will get more of a noble courage
in thought and word
than from all the wisdom that is in books.”
R.W. Emerson    Oct 21, 1833


How satisfying to have finally begun work on my photo blog because it has been only a figment of my imagination for so long.  I have the free online course “23 Things for Professional Development” to thank for the final impetus. I look forward to the frustrations and delight that both projects will bring.

“Keep on beginning and failing.

Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger

until you have accomplished a purpose –

not the one you began with perhaps,

but one you’ll be glad to remember.”

Anne Sullivan quotes  American teacher , 1866-1936

found at the website

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